Less than 6 miles away:

  • (1) Jugon-les-Lacs : this charming small town has a lake with nautical activities available, a swimming pool, many walks and rides. Boquen forest and its abbey, visit
  • (2) Plédéliac : ecomuseum of the ferme d’Antan (farm of the Olden Times), visit
  • (3) Hunaudaye’s castle, a 13th medieval castle, visit

Between 6 and 20 miles away:

  • (4) Lamballe, City of the Horse, city of arts and crafts, a bustling commercial town, this Historic City of Brittany is alive with heritage, beauty and civic pride. There is also an aquatics centre for kids and adults, visit
  • (5) Dinan, a medieval town unique in Brittany, completely surrounded by ramparts, as well as its history and heritage, visit
  • (6) Pléneuf-Val-André and its beaches, visit
  • (7) Erquy : between beaches and Bienassis castle, visit

Between 20 and 60 miles away:

  • (8) The bay of  Saint-Brieuc where walkers can discover the back country of this fascinating spot – just take your time, nobody here is in a hurry, visit
  • (9) Saint Malo, famous Corsaire city where « bigs » tell their history…, visit
  • (10) Dinard, seaside resort and casino, visit
  • (11) Cancale and its famous oysters…. To sample on site in front of Mont Saint-Michel, visit
  • (12) The Mont Saint-Michel, Wonder of the Western World and its bay, visit
  • (13) Brehat Island, also named the « flower island », visit